Edmonton Wedding Venue and Special Event Catering

Edmonton wedding venue and special event catering

Meridian Banquets is a family-owned business which specializes in weddings and banquets of all types.

Since opening in 2002, Meridian has been one of the busiest banquet facilities in Edmonton. Catering everything in-house, our chefs provide excellent meals for large groups from our Western or Eastern menus.

Our beautiful, modern room features a bar, coat check, large washrooms, a green room/bride room, and plenty of space for your guests. Our exquisite rooms offer high ceilings, warm chandelier lighting, and elegant interiors that will allow you to transform the space into your own grand vision! 



The space can be subdivided into two smaller spaces for up to 150 guests in the South room, or up to 450 guests in the North room.

Call for Rates: (780) 993-3107

As your event is as unique as you are, we would love to provide you with a customized quote to help you plan better for your big day! Please contact our banquet manager for an estimate of costs at info@meridianbanquets.ca

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Floor Plans

Meridian's space will seat up to 600 guests, or it can be subdivided into two smaller spaces for up to 150 guests in the South room, or up to 450 guests in the North room.

Floor Plan A: Open Floor

Floor Plan: B North Room

Floor Plan C: South Room

Floor Plan D: Full Room

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5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Where to start?had our wedding at the Meridian on September 2, 2017 and what a time it was. The hall had changed hands(but stayed in their family) midway through our wedding planning, and most of the time that would spell disaster... but not with Rocky and Ricky at the helm! These guys have been absolutely incredible to deal with; they were patient, helpful, understanding, intuitive, and most of all they made it not just their hall - but "our hall" as well. The atmosphere is extremely welcoming dealing with them for the planning, layouts, big details and small details, food, aesthetics, time frames, and people flow etc.... It was like we were part of the family. There are so many items to planning a wedding and we did our ceremony and reception here which added quite a bit of coordination complexity, and it all went absolutely perfect. The hall has had some reno's with new carpet, paint, tile, lighting, use of the new and improved green room for the ladies. It was already nice to look at, but now its the nicest hall I have personally ever been in when done up to the 9's or just kept simple. The food was incredible, and absolutely everyone loved it, we have been getting compliments every time we see someone that about how much variety there was, and the quality. They are very fair and reasonable as well, they will level with you, be honest, and help you find the best way to do your wedding. There really is a sense of honor and integrity that comes with a long time ran family business such as this. Their reputation is truly number one, and they will do anything and everything to keep it that way which makes them super great to deal with. There are so much more things to say but I would highly recommend coming here for a wedding(especially a big wedding) or event or any kind. And I would put it up against anywhere for the quality of the overall product you are getting for your money. We were super happy, and impressed as you can see and I cant say enough good things. Thank you guys so much. We will always remember our big day with you.

Justin Challman
Justin Challman

4 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Very clean building. Lots of parking out back. Inside is very new and modern looking.

Harprit Aujla
Harprit Aujla

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Been here at least 6 or 7 times over the last few years, always treated to some great food and ample room to dance and party. I've seen this hall accommodate a few different decoration options because of its great size so its sure meet anybody's specific tastes. Cant wait to be invited to another party!

Jay Tee
Jay Tee

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Been here for a number of functions over the years. Food and service is great and they have just recently renovated the inside and it looks great. Highly recommend for your next function, big or small.

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